Mission Accomplished

Truly amazing it is the journeys our minds take us on; some amusing, some fascinating, some dull and boring (cure for insomnia that), some fantastic adventures, and all from to comfort of the theatre between the ears.

I realize it’s hard to believe, but my life is actually truly routine and dull with the odd shot of thrill and the frequent mental vacation from sensibilities.  This tends to permit the sanity to have free reign and dash about like a kid in a candystore wanting to look in every glass at once.  And NO, I do NOT leave noseprints on the glass. 

The commute to and from the place from which I collect my stipend also lends itself to bouts of daydreaming.  So YES, I spend very little time actually in controlled concentration and much of the time allowing my mind to scamper about like a butterfly on crack.

But simply because the cranial captive is bouncing from portal to portal seeking escape or refuge, there is an underlying theme to the seeming madness.  “Enjoy and spread joy!”  That is my mission in life.  To share the joy.  If that is in making you laugh until you snort, wet yourself, or fall over something, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 

If that is in helping you see that you are truly quite wonderful and interesting. Again, Mission Accomplished.

It that is simply to get you to think or just smile…..Mission Accomplished.

The best things in life are simple things.  The more fun people in life like simple and aren’t afraid of those of us who are weird. 

Thank You For Traveling With IMAGINATION TRAVELS!

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12 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. LittleEmz

    you made me smile… mission accomplished x

  2. Can I lease this place, and space??
    For an eternity perhaps..

  3. a world without weird is just weird

    • A world without weird is just existing. Where’s the fun in that? It’s way more fun hearing laughter and seeing smiles.

  4. NoZ…this is a test just a test. Responder should not depart for the fall-out shelter….yet. I think my comments are solataire dancing in outer-space…as opposed to being one of the crowdy pushy ones shoving the bods to the front of the queue in a dire attempt to get to the punch bowl first.

    • Depart FOR the fallout shelter? I haven’t been out of the shelter since birth. Guess I’ve led a sheltered life. No pushing to the front of the cue to the punch bowl. I’ll have to tackle you and remove the cup from your possession. And those flamongos have GOT to find somewhere else to recite their free form poetry!

  5. I have a feeling that I am really going to enjoy following your blog. You inspired a smile on my face: Mission Accomplished. Thank you. :)

    • :D Sharing a smile is free, much like sharing a hug or a laugh. You are welcome to scamper within these jabberings, but feel free to leave a trail of cookies…not to find your way out, just because I like cookies.

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