Blaze Away!

While reading a post from a wonderful friend of mine, (  Go ahead and poke about her blog), a thought bonked me in the back of my skull and left an indelible mark.  She produced a work of art called “” and, no, it’s not about getting naked. At least not overtly.

But the idea of blazing a trail (aka, trying something new) has stuck with me.  People, as a cluster, tend to follow the leader without thinking for ourselves, seldom trying anything new once the trend has been set, and we spend our lives wandering about in the same rut wondering why our lives seem boring.

Why? What is it about taking a path that is new to us that terrifies us so much?  Why do we spend our lives bumping into the walls of our rut? Have we lost the ability to think and dream? Have we abandoned the desire to blaze a new trail?

Here’s my challenge for you: Blaze A Trail! It doesn’t have to be a new trail, just a new trail to you. Have you had a dream of doing something? DO IT!  Have you felt the tug of adventurousity? Follow that tug!  Has the Muse of some artistic endeavour softly sung to your imagination? Heed the song!

Post your adventure!

Blaze Your Trail!

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10 thoughts on “Blaze Away!

  1. Yessss!! :)

  2. Thats my plan for the summer … hence my trip to Berlin and write

  3. I’d dearly love to, but I’m pretty sure the trail I want to blaze is illegal….

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